Nigiri & Sunomono

The Tale of a priest… 

Nigiri, a Dwarven Priest, was rolled in July 2005.  Never liking the shadow side of her class much, she leveled intitally to 60 with the help of guildmates and a mana-rich discipline spec.  Having played a healer for the majority of her time in game, Nigiri tended to her brothers and sisters battling Ragnaros and Nefarian each time they pressed forward within Blackrock Mountain.  She travelled through the Twisting Nether shortly after new dangers from a far away place called Outland threatened the world of Azeroth.  She burned down enemies with the shadow spells she avoided for so long – only to return to take on the task of healing her friends and allies once again with powerful magic and symbols.

… and a warlock …

Sunomono unleashes her fury upon her enemies while summoning all manner of unwilling but forcefully compliant demon assistance.  Never afraid to take on multiple attackers, she knows that even without her personal physician standing in the shadows to tend to her wounds, there is little for her to fear in the lands.  Constant study and practice has honed her talents to a fine art.

… combatting evil in hostile lands.

Events one Fateful Day forced Nigiri and Sunomono to leave their home and seek refuge on Skywall Realm. They brave the wide stretches of Azeroth and Outland with goals to see new content and make new friends.

These are their stories.


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