About me

I am a Paramedic living Southwestern Canada with my wife and young daughter (whom I absolutely adore). 

I bought World of Warcraft in April 2005 thinking I was buying Warcraft 3.  I had played Warcraft 1 and 2 and was looking forward to getting into the next incarnation.  After reading over the box and skimming the manual on the way home, I realized my mistake.  I had limited experience with Everquest and was not looking to pay monthly for a game to play.  With the seal on the box broken there were few options: I could either shelve it or try it.  With a free trial month, I created a Human Rogue and set out in the world.  Friends and family followed me to Azeroth and a community was created.  A few characters later and here I am.

I wouldn’t say that this misaken identity ‘changed my life’, but it definitely made an impact.


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