Healers: What works and what doesn’t work

I posted a Shared Topic on the Blog Azeroth forums titled “Non-healers view of healers“.  In the real word, I’m a paramedic and I also play one in game.  I know how a healer feels about being a healer:  not normally as exciting as it might seem but when it is, it REALLY IS.

I got a lot of very similar responses to my shared topic post.  Panzercow summed up the general feeling of all the posters (Tanklikeagirl, SpinxvilleSecret Agent CatAggro Junkie  and two Rogues) “… Brother, I have no damn idea.  I love you all equally.”  As a healer, that is a good revelation to read. 

 I think I need to expand this a little bit.  Open up the discussion somewhat to be more of a “this is what works but don’t do that” kind of post.

What Works:

I use a lot of addons.  Some for shadow spec, some for my other toons and the vast majority for healing.  By far, the most handy is Grid and a few addons that add functionality to Grid.  By itself, Grid adds raid frames to your screen.  They are fully customizable to show or not show, adjust the sizes and adjust what’s shown.  Inside each frame, is the toon’s name and various markers that show health, mana, aggro, healing being done, etc… by default.

Search “Grid” at Curse Gaming, however, and you will get a large number of addons that assist Grid.  GridStatusShield, for example, allows me show within each raid frame who currently is shielded – a handy visual for a Discipline Priest.  By choosing carefully, I have added notifications for certain debuffs, shields, HoTs, and who has Prayer of Mending active.  Over time, I have whittled them down to show exactly what I need to see.

Grid’s option list was very daunting, but after I played with it for a while I found it easy to configure.

Grid shines even more when used with some mouseover healing macros.  All of my healing spells (Renew, Flash Heal, Penance, Prayer of Mending, and Power Word: Shield) have a mouseover macro associated with them which are assigned to a hot key.

/cast [target=mouseover] Penance

My right hand points the mouse over a toon in their Grid raid frame.  My left hand does double duty by moving me around while hitting buttons 1 through 5 to activate the above spell macros. 

What Doesn’t Work:

I am horribly unaware of AoE  in the room.  Some of that is in the video settings (high Spell Detail bogs my computer down in raids) and some is my inability to see my own toon while staring at raid frames.  I have zoomed the camera distance right in on my toon and it seems to help.

DPS shouldn’t be taking unnecessary risks in heroic 5 mans when it comes to threat generation; especially if you haven’t played with the other members of the group.  There is a lot to be said about burning a mob down at the end of a fight, but keep some control at the beginning.  Discipline is best when the tank gets my full attention with some spot healing for the rest of the group.

That’s my best and worst.  I’d love to hear yours.


~ by Robert Stewart on June 10, 2009.

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