I Feel Like a Priestard.

Ahh, the discipline priest.  Power Word: Shield and Divine AegisPenance and Prayer of Mending.  The tools are all there for a discipline spec’d priest to work their mojo with some heals and some damage mitigation.  

Nigiri is Naxx 10 man geared for the most part (in her healing gear) and I know how to create a macro and assign hot keys.

Why then do I feel so useless lately in raids when healing with Nigiri?  

The main healer (resto druid) for our guild has numbers that dwarf mine (no pun intended).   I have come to the conclusion that he is an amazing healer, but has been dpsing a lot lately.  The last Naxx run we did made me continue to question my ability to raid heal.

With three pug members (a hunter, druid and priest) we did not too bad with the four wings.  Some minor issues, but all the bosses easily down.  To make a long story short, we ran into trouble on  Kel’Thuzad.

The Kel’Thuzad fight was different that I remembered it.  In phase 1, the adds around the outside usually make their way into the middle slowly.  The ranged and melee dps take them out as needed.  Any of you who have been healers know that when you heal during this phase, you build up threat on all the adds still on the outside edge of the room.  In the normal pace of the fight, the tank can easily pick up an add before they have made it to the healers.  For reasons that weren’t initially clear to me, the adds were coming in groups of 3, 4 and 5 at a time last night.  My guild is more than capable to handle this kind of add rush, but only if we know it’s coming.  The adds rushed in haphazardly.  It turns out that the druid and priest pug members we brought in were purposely (?) pulling in extras.  The priest had switched to disc since our pally healer need to go to bed and Holy Fire doesn’t cast itself on adds.  The druid would run out of the centre and bring three abominations back with him.  One or two of them would hit me and me or the other healer were dead … or there would be between 4 and 10 adds to deal with at the end of phase 1 when we would have to pick up Kel’Thuzad.  A few people would die and it would be over. 

I know I’m too busy looking at health bars to see I’m standing in a Shadow Fissure or I’d die while being ice blocked by Frost Blast.   I know I’m a bit of a ‘tard when it comes to watching where I’m standing but after our last attempt with the pug’ers I was surprised by a comment from the druid.  He very briefly, but succinctly explained to me that it was my fault that we couldn’t do it.  If I could learn to stay alive (remember my healing threat on the adds), there wouldn’t have been a problem.

The three pug members left after the 7th attempt.  I figured we were going to call it a night since my guildies were furious with the pulling of extra adds.  After hearthing to Dalaran, I learned we were trying again with a regular warlock we raided with and a few other pug members. 

One attmept.  That’s all it took.  Kel’Thuzad down.

This seems pretty straight forward but why do I feel so useless?  Am I still too hardwired not to be able to ignore recount numbers at the end of fight?  I am hesitant to follow my guild into Ulduar (though I’ve have been a few times so far).  I think I need to see a gaming shrink.  Get my virtual reality gamer meta personality’s self esteem up somehow. 

If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.


~ by Robert Stewart on May 26, 2009.

5 Responses to “I Feel Like a Priestard.”

  1. Sounds like the priest and druid were trying to do the “Just can’t get enough” achievement (the one where you have to kill X number of abominations) without actually discussing it first of all. Which puts the blame firmly in their direction in my opinion. Also there were two (?) other healers, if you were being swarmed where was your healing? Wipes rarely happen because of one person failings, its usually a combination of unfortunate events and thus the blame shouldn’t fall on one person’s shoulders. In this case, if one healer was busy dpsing rather than healing and building aoe threat on multiple mobs of course you are in trouble. Because you have to do more healing to cover the gap left by them holy firing which gets you more aggro and it ends up being a vicious circle but not one of your own making.

    As for the shadow fissures, what is your UI like? Make sure your feet are visible and perhaps put your raid bars along the same line so its easy to glance at one, look at the other.

    If I raided as disc, I think would I turn the metre off. Until someone produces one that accounts for all absorbs/shields and whatnot, disc priests will always be near the bottom. For example on our metre its usually something like, resto druid/holy priests at the top by a huge margin, resto shamans, holy paladin and then our disc priest trailing at the rear. Unfortunately recount really doesn’t show an accurate picture of what you bring to the raid.

    The only way I’ve found of building my self esteem is to push myself more. The more you do, the more second naturelike it becomes, supposedly.

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  3. Thanks Harpysnest. We usually run with only 2 healers. The threat I get is only from the odd renew during phase 1. I’ve taken to casting prayer of mending since the healing threat gained is on the person I cast it on rather than on me.

    I’m going to have to make some viewing changes when it comes to watching for shadow fissures. I just haven’t found the best position for myself yet.

    I was hoping to find a good ‘tard addon that would make my screen explode if I was in a fissure, but there isn’t one out there.

  4. Let me get this straight – the druid, who I assume was tanking, was pulling extra adds and letting them aggro onto you, and then tried to blame you for it? There are very few situations where healers need to watch their aggro in the game right now. It sounds like the druid was trying to pull extra abominations rage-dry, and then wasn’t able to get a swipe off before they got to you. I would place the blame entirely on the shoulders of your tank(s), if not the people who were pulling extra adds without explaining why. I’ve done this achievement as a druid tank, and yeah, the healers get aggro from the abominations – I just get it back before they’re halfway to the center.

    In regards to the meters, remember that inspiration, renewed hope, PW:S, Divine Aegis, pain suppression etc don’t show up on the meters. Druids are meter hacks – they can hot up the entire raid and get fantastic numbers with minimal overheals quite easily. That doesn’t mean they’re better healers than you. My guild runs with an excellent disc healer that has no trouble at all keeping our tanks alive, but is consistently low on the meters. Meters just don’t mean much for discipline priests.

    As for getting out of the shadow fissures, I’ve noticed that a lot of healers have trouble with mobility and situational awareness while healing. I have two suggestions for this. One – zoom your camera in. Set your raid frames to show when your target is in range, so you don’t have to be looking at them. Just be aware of your own vicinity. Also the fissure will be bigger on your screen, so it’ll pop out more when you’re looking at health bars. Two – practice mobile healing. Keep moving whenever you’re casting instants, and stop only long enough to get your penance/flash heal off before you start moving again. You might look a little silly, but before you know it you’ll be able to keep people alive and run all over the place at the same time. PvP is great practice for this too, if you’re into that. Ulduar has a number of fights where you have to move a lot (Razorscale, Mimiron, Hodir come to mind, not to mention Vezax and Yogg), so it’s good practice.

  5. Thanks Shaydwyrm. I did a heroic DTK earlier this week to get some practice in on void zones and noticed a big difference with zooming in my camera. I had wondered if this would help and your comments have cemented the idea for me.

    I healed for a regular VoA yesterday and my healing was right in line with the other ‘well geared’ disc priest in the raid (in fact ironically, we were both far ahead of the holy priest in the raid). With the comments posted here and some other disc priests to compare to, I’m beginning to feel a little less ‘tard-like.

    PS – Yes, I seem to be hooked on monitors. I blame it on my secondary shadow spec.

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