Fifty vanity pets later and I’m Stinky

After finishing the Becoming a Parent quest to get her Sprite Darter Egg, Nigiri only needed one more pet for the Shop Smart, Shop Pet…Smart achievement.

Thanks heavens for the fishing daily.  I’ve been trying for weeks to get a Crocolisk Pet from the Crocolisks in the City daily.  After about eight attempts, she finally got Toothy’s Bucket and that put her up to 50 pets.

Mail from Breanni

Mail from Breanni

Before the achievement notification had finished flashing across her screen, Nigiri had above fresh mail.  Breanni is a new NPC in Dalaran that sells pet supplies.  Even though we can’t get to Dalaran yet, she has apparently heard of Nigiri’s willingness to take care of pets of all sorts.  Stinky now has a new home as her foremost pet.

Included in the mail.

Included in the mail.

I’m going to have to look up a macro to make sure Stinky is out and sniffing around as often as possible.

Me and Stinky.

Me and Stinky.


~ by Robert Stewart on October 28, 2008.

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