I’m a Priest. It’s what I do.

I have been playing a new game within World of Warcraft.  It’s called “I bet I can make you punch your computer”.  This mini-game is based on the Zombie Plague event that is unfolding in WoW as we wait for WotLK to be released.  This iteration of the scourge invasion started off with some shipments of tainted grain showing up in Booty Bay a few days ago.  Plagued roaches are now showing up in cities that when killed, apply the You’re Infected! debuff.  Wowhead has a great log detailing what is going, so rather than recreate it, it’s posted here.

My game began as I was wandering through Westfall after getting my Green Wing Macaw drop from the Deadmines. (I am only two pets short of the Shop Smart, Shop Pet…Smart acheivement.)  Passing through Sentinel Hill I saw 4 smaller zombies and one named zombie attacking the town.  Without a thought, I Holy Nova’d down the smaller ones and with a single Mind Blast took out the named zombie – realizing at the same time, it was level 38 player who had been turned.  This is the conversation that followed:

Scourge Invasion

Scourge Invasion

Another teen-wanabe told me what he was going to do to my mom (see below) after I showed no concern for apparently “ruining” his game. 

... more Scourge Invastion

... more Scourge Invastion

I know he pays his $15 a month to play however he wants, but I paid good in-game silver for an Abolish Disease spell and I intend to use it.

Heading into Stormwind, there are a growing number of NPCs and players with a green glow.  Abolish Disease cleanses this infection (although sometimes not on the first try) with very little mana cost, so I cleansed a lot of characters and guards alike.  Imagine my surprise when I see General Marcus Jonathan <High Commander of Stormwind Defence> and his surrounding guards infected.  Consider them cleansed along with the player standing near them.  I got this tell:

Scourge Invasion

Scourge Invasion

Ass Face!?!  What a great reaction!

The game is on.  I can cleanse all day long and never run out of mana – and I plan to.  These types of random angry statements make it worth my time in between working on acheivements. 

Kisirani (Blizzard Poster) on an official forum thread posted “It certainly does seem containable, doesn’t it? ” which implies that the event will escalate.  Don’t worry people, I’m sure I won’t be able to ruin your fun for long.


~ by Robert Stewart on October 24, 2008.

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