Just call me Nigiri Jenkins.

I remember a story from childhood that explained how to keep an elephant from escaping.  You needed to teach them at a very young age that they were incapable of breaking their shackles.  As young elephants you simply put the largest chain around their leg attached to an immovable stake in the ground.  Since they were still so small and not using adult strength, no matter what the elephant tried to do, they weren’t strong enough to break it.  They would get used to the feeling of the shackle on their ankle and as elephants never forget, they would always remember they couldn’t break free.  They believed this so much that you could tie a rope around their leg and they wouldn’t even try to get away.

Last night, I put a very overpowered group of level 70s together to get the Leeeeeeeeeeeeeroy! Jenkins acheivement.  Knowing ahead of time that this would be a cakewalk, two mages, one warlock, one palladin, one priest and one druid set into the instance. 

In less than 8 minutes, we were at the rookery.  With minor planning, the 40 whelps were down in 6 seconds and Nigiri has a new title.

I have only done Upper Blackrock Spire one other time as a level 70.  Sunomono and I had just dinged and we grabbed a hunter friend with moderate success.  As a level 60, however, I ran UBRS a lot.  Too many times actually – on my rogue and on my priest.  I remember raid leaders (being a 15 man for a while then dropped to a 10 man) threatening to boot raid members when pulling groups if they didn’t pay attention to not pulling adds.  The Rend arena-like scripted event had to be successful or we wouldn’t be able to continue.  We had to be careful in the room before General Drakkisath and along the bridge to his room.  The strategy on Drak was very specific.  If you didn’t have a hunter or a mage to kite one fo the adds, you pretty much weren’t going to get Drak down.

I have been playing WoW for over 3 years now and sometimes I feel like that elephant.  Our overpowered group decided to carry on to kill Drak just for fun.  Since my in-game memory is that of an elephant, I continued to try to recommend strategy for each pull.  As the rest of my group laughed, mobs went down before any of us could do a second or third cast.

The room was cleared.  Just Drak left.  “Now, put the pally on Drak and we will have to take down the adds first …” – which was overwritten by the pally when he wrote “Burn down Drak everyone” as he went in.  Oh no!  This couldn’t work.  I know we have seven level 70s, but this is a boss in a 10 man instance that is only 10 levels below us.  I think that’s all the thoughts I had time for before all three mobs were dead and the port to Shattrath had already been cast.

Ok, so I forget how much power a level 70 character has.  I get it.  Remind me to write about my experience with 13 well geared 70s in Molten Core last week.  Wow is all I can say.


~ by Robert Stewart on October 17, 2008.

One Response to “Just call me Nigiri Jenkins.”

  1. It’s definitely not the same as it once was. I got to do UBRS, MC, BWL, and Onyxia over the weekend and it was sad seeing so few people with ony cloaks, and we even had one guy as how many bosses were in Onyxia’s lair. Careful marking of Garr adds? Nope, just group them up and AE. Collapse point for rag spawns? Nope, he died in 35 seconds. Sheep targets for domo? Nope, group up and AE again. Melee doing dps on shaz and living the whole fight? Unheard of!

    We did wipe on our first nef attempt though, 20k damage at the end of shadowflame still hurts at 70 ;).

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