A PodCast Review … of sorts.

A very simplistic review of some of the Warcraft related podcasts I listen to during my commute.

The Instance

Hosts:  Scott Johnson, Randy Jordan

This podcast has been my favourite World of Warcraft source since Taverncast left the WoW milieu. They have something for everyone – noobs, experienced players and the hardcore bunch.  Their regular segments from Patrick and Mean Gene are very informative and well put together.

The last few shows have left me wondering if it’s time to adjust the position of The Instance in my ranking.  They just don’t seem to be doing the research they should.  For example, a listener asks a question regarding controlling iTunes from inside the WoW.  The answer is simply:  “You can’t” – with a caveat of maybe an addon can be  written to allow it.  A quick and easy google search would have turned up information that native WoW on a Macintosh has iTunes keybindings built right in.  This may seem like a very minor thing, but to me it’s indicative of what seems to be a growing problem.

The Instance’s new partnership with Doghouse Systems is indeed exciting, but not at the expense of an entire show.  Content really suffered in their last outing.

Ledgendary Thread

Hosts:  1UP.com

This podcast bills itself as a World of Warcraft and other MMO podcast and tends to be a bit more for the hardcore player.  The hosts, until recently, all seem to play WoW on a regular basis.  Although their ‘Character Sheet’ section sometimes takes almost half the podcast to get through, the news and information this podcast provides is very good.  The banter between the various hosts is quite funny at times.

I can see Legendary Thread moving away from WoW a bit and into other MMO’s in the future if the current trend continues.  It will be a shame to see them give WoW less attention.

The Grind Podcast

Hosts:  Luke, Amanda

A new subscription for me, I have listened to the last 4 or 5 episodes of this podcast.  I’m not sure if there are two or four hosts for this podcast, but I think it’s the latter.  They have some good information and Luke tends to be opinionated enough not to hold back in his criticism of certain aspects of the game.

The last episode I listened to however seemed to be very caught up in poo related discussions for an inordinate amount of time.  It’s ok, we all degenerate sometimes.

World of Warcast

Hosts:  Starman, Renata

The production values of this podcast are fantastic.  It is easy to tell that Starman is a podcaster.  Renata does a fantastic job with her dedication to researching the topics.  Listening to her work on researching reputation gains is a prime example.  Segments of the show are informative and up to date.

Sometimes, however, it is easy to tell that Starman is preoccupied with other things while podcasting.  In fact, he tells his audience he is in game while recording an episode on a regular basis.

In the World

Hosts:  Chris, Dave

For me, this seems to be the new up and comer.  Chris and Dave offer up news and views on WoW that I find very helpful.  They have information that other podcasts don’t deliver and are both very active in endgame content.  This one is not for the noobs.

How I WoW

Hosts:  Patrick, Shawn

Shawn and Patrick interview various players (including some celebrities) about how they play the game.  This is more about the players than about WoW.  It’s interesting to hear how people make the time, how they got involved and what they like to play


Host:  Alachia

This show focuses more on the social ramifications of WoW than actual gameplay.  It is easy to see how revved up Alachia is about the Meta-Game involved with in WoW.

It’s a nice diversion from the same old news that so many podcasts deliver.

World of Podcast

Host:  Uncle Thursday

The host of this podcast wouldn’t be surprised if I said he was a bit loud and opinionated.  This show is a narrative of how Uncle Thursday feels about things happening to his game.  The information included in this podcast centres around how changes made by Blizzard affect the host.  He gets pretty heated.

Still having some problems with production quality and regularity, this podcast is one of the last one I tune into, but I definitely tune in


~ by Robert Stewart on October 1, 2008.

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