Noob Warlock Guide

A friend of mine has just come back to the game.  Rather than reactivate his old account, for some unknown reason he started a new one from scratch.  He never had any characters to max level, but his warlock was getting up there.  After trying a rogue this time around, he has settled back on a warlock.  He admits to being very rusty and has these words of advice for would be noobs:

  1. To be useful, bags must be equipped in a bag slot rather than in your inventory.
  2. Make bandages before you need them
  3. They didn’t actually nerf imps.  You have to buy blood pact in order for you imp to use it.
  4. When the quest giver tells you to pick up the book from behind him, you probably should.
  5. Demon Armor works better when its on.
  6. If the first time you try to fear a mob it says “IMMUNE” over it’s head, spamming isn’t going to make it work better.  (He tried) 
  7. Fear in a crowded area is not an escape button. (should be renamed “Suicide Button”)

                                                                                Wrancoeur of Mug’thol


~ by Robert Stewart on September 18, 2008.

One Response to “Noob Warlock Guide”

  1. drag new abilities to you action bar?

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