Cedre and the Warlock (Druid/Warlock PvP Begins)

Cedre hit 70 and the 2v2 PvP began.  In the vain of being able to solo quest, I started Cedre out as a hybrid Moonkin / Resto spec.  I was told by many to expect loss after loss after loss for while.

Week one brought a lot of dead druid followed by a lot of dead warlock.  I set up a few macros to heal Sunomono at the touch of a button, but the fatal flaw was lack of self healing. Needing to select myself and then clicking the healing spell took just enough time to see me dead in a hurry.  I needed to change that.  I decided I that I either needed to be serious about PvP healing or soloing.  The moonkin hybrid in 2v2 wasn’t going to cut it.  We finished with a rank in the mid 1300s.  I switched over to the common 8/11/42 Resto spec and started to heal some instances to gear up a bit in anticipation of the following week .

Week two brought a small ray of hope to the picture.  With my new resto spec and having adjusted my macros to include a modifier that either instant heals Sunomono or myself, it was time to try again.  Going 4 wins and 6 losses was considerably better than the previous week.  As the healer, I feel a bit useless since I’m doing a lot of watching Sunomono kill the other team but I know he stays up partly due to me keeping some HoTs on him that tick after I’m taken out.

Then disaster struck.  The power supply on my iMac G5 died while I was trying to copy some pictures of my daughter onto a CD.  To make a long story short, no computer for at least 2 weeks.

Here’s my new conundrum: 

I have a few weeks to decide whether to keep Nigiri holy spec’d and have two healers, or switch to shadow for a little bit of pew, pew.  She has about +1750 healing unbuffed with only about +700 shadow damage unbuffed in her damage set.  I don’t think I can stomache that kind of drop in productivity.  Maybe I’ll have take on a role of ronin and pimp her out to raids that need a healer.  We will see.


~ by Robert Stewart on February 24, 2008.

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