“Gay Talk” in WoW

ho·mo·pho·bia \ˌhō-mə-ˈfō-bē-ə\
: irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals
ho·mo·pho·bic  \-ˈfō-bik\  adjective

Why would people who wouldn’t dream of uttering outlandishly racist remarks or chauvinistic comments feel it was alright to berate a situation or group of people using a homosexual stereotype? That was the question I had for several of my guildmates on Monday night.

So last night, as Solid Gold was preparing to attempt A’lar, one of the guildies noticed a lot of PvP ranked Horde outside Tempest Keep. In guild chat, a comment was made that “it was so gay”. I asked what made that gay and was told by the individual that “boys raping boys” was gay. Sunomono asked how that made it gay and was told again that it was “boys raping boys”. Now Suno hasn’t been feeling or sleeping well the last few days, so rather than get into it, he logged off. The actual comments themselves don’t bother me as much as the reaction by officers of Solid Gold. As I have done before, I was about to educate a bit. I didn’t get the chance. Here is the surprising conversation that followed with a high ranking officer:


What was the “no one hates” comment all about? I am a hater because I won’t deal with homophobic comments in a semi-public forum but there is not once ounce of ‘hater’ in someone who condones those kind of statements? Told I could /gquit simply for asking why flagged horde PvP’ing in Netherstorm was ‘gay’?


Is it acceptable to make statements in ‘public channels’ but not ask for an explanation of those statements? As I stated above: I “won’t put up with that kind of homophobia”. Ironically I was talking about the officer who made it OK to be homophobic rather than the original commenter who might have learned something last night (edit: in fact the original statements were not so much jest as I found out in a later mail message). Actually Blizzard recognizes that behaviour like this is unacceptable and has repercussions within their system – Solid Gold does not.

A quick discussion followed with another officer. That was it.

Cedre Kicked Out

I logged on to Cedre (my druid) to find him removed from the guild. Since I was logging him to remove him myself, it was no big deal.

Good Bye

Logged in to Cedre, I said my goodbyes to another ‘officer’ and my time with Solid Gold is done.

Normally, I could let the story end there. There would be a few snide comments made behind my back, so to speak, that I wouldn’t know about and life would go on.

I have other friends in Solid Gold whom I’ve known for years. Friends that obviously the core group of Solid Gold members forgot were friends of mine. Friends who know how to take screen shots. Here is a sampling of guildchat after I left (Note: that sympathetic officer who apologized for what happened but ironically didn’t do anything to make it right, is not bathed in a particularly good light here – damn mob mentality):

After I’m gone.

As for Sunomono, while he was logged off and after I left the guild he was booted. He was booted out for choosing to log off rather than fight a battle he has fought so many times before. Apparently I was going to be kicked out even if I didn’t quit on my own since I was considerably more entrenched that Suno was.

Before putting this to rest, I have one more question. Would this have happened outside of the perceived anonymity of the game? I would like to think not.


~ by Robert Stewart on January 29, 2008.

One Response to ““Gay Talk” in WoW”

  1. The officer that originally initiated this excitement and I talked last night

    After 15 minutes of typing, I think we agreed to disagree. I was told that if we wanted to come back we would be welcome to if the bridges hadn’t been burnt. I was assured that the comments after I left (that he doesn’t’ remember seeing) were probably meant as a joke. That statement tells me that he missed the entire point.

    Seems he feels he can’t “police the morals” of everyone in the guild, but it’s alright police guild chat for what might become drama – the disease lives on, but some symptoms were relieved.

    In my opinion there is more to being an officer than simply leading raids.

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