WoW Camouflage

As I have previously mentioned, I haven’t been raiding as much as I would like over the last month or more.  I was lucky to be online during Solid Gold’s first attempts at Hydross the Unstable.  After only a few learning-style wipes that night, I was part of the guild first.  I have stepped in on a few Karazhan runs and a couple of Gruul’s Lair runs in the last few week on my way back to a more respectable level of playing time.  I have noticed a few things very recently as a result of my sporadic play schedule.

Gruul the Dragonkiller has been on farm status for quite a while now with Solid Gold.  Very rarely does a wipe happen in his lair and I suspect we will be able to run him cleanly (no deaths at all) fairly soon.  This leads me to my first observation:  when timed well with a boss that seems to consistently drop the same loot (damn bell curve), an instance on farm can yield some nice loot to even the most casual of players – namely:  Nigiri.  Finally a few Tier 4 pieces – Light-Mantle of the Incarnate and the Trousers of the Incarnate.  Pretty much every other Warrior/Priest/Druid in the guild has ’em already, so yay for Nigiri.  Besides, the pinstripe style glow on the shoulders looks really good.

This brings me to the title of this post.  Last night our guild did an impromptu Karazhan run.  The call went out in guild chat and, while on Cedre, I immediately responded that Nigiri would go.  Second person to respond.  First healer (other than the one organizing the group).  Three minutes later, all they needed was one more DPS.  The troubling part was that I wasn’t in the group.  They were full on healers.  Now keep in mind that this is not that big of deal.  Nigiri doesn’t need much from Karazhan anymore – T4 head and gloves and the Blue Diamond Witchwand from the opera event.  There was a casual holy priest on the raid who needed a lot more gear than Nigiri does, so I just carried on the long path to 70 with Cedre.  It’s been so long since I raided regularly I blend into the chatter like WoW Camouflage.

The interweb connection on one of the healers crapped out just before the Moroes pull and I was asked if I wanted to go.  Moroes and Maiden (that preachy giant freak) went down fairly quickly and off to opera it was.  The event was Wizard of Oz … perfect for a chance at the wand.

With no warlock or hunter in the group, it took a couple of tries to get it right, but soon the loot was to be dished out.  Keep in mind that I have only seen the Witchwand drop twice in the many times I have done Karazhan.  This was one of those times.  The first time, I passed to let the more senior priest have it since it was the last peice of gear he needed from Kara.  This time I rolled (albeit a few seconds after the call went out), won the roll 56-54 and watched the wand being looted by the other roller.  I let out a little sigh.  Innocent mistake.  Nature of the beast sometimes for Nb4G looting.  It was an upgrade for him, so it was an upgrade for the guild.  I was a little dismayed, however, that no one other than him, me and Sunomono even noticed it happened – damn Wow Camouflage strikes again.

Please set your “stop your whining” thoughts aside for now.  This isn’t a “give me what I want” or “let me go where I want” kind of post and I know I wasn’t being excluded.  WoW is just a game with virtual goods that **SPOILER ALERT**  aren’t real. (GASP!)  The problem is that it isn’t JUST a game for me.  It’s a social game.  I hate playing by myself grinding away whatever.  I have to figure out a way to get out from behind the camouflage and get back into the social side of the guild.  More raiding will help.  More heroic dailies with guildies will help.  While not all geared to do 25 mans, we have a bit of a buildup of healers in Solid Gold at the moment so getting Cedre to 70 and thus having some potential for a DPS character to play with will help.

Without the social interaction, this game just isn’t as fun as it is with it.


~ by Robert Stewart on January 11, 2008.

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