The perfect Resto Druid Guide

Finally!  The definative guide for druid healing.  This works for PvE and basic PvP (if you get rid of the actual Treeform part and add some CC). 

 In fact, it is pretty much spot on.

Resto Druid in action


~ by Robert Stewart on January 3, 2008.

One Response to “The perfect Resto Druid Guide”

  1. Hey I find your guide very interesting but I have one question please..

    Which spec is the best for being ONLY a healer?
    I’m currently trying to figure out which one of the 2 is better cause I’m almost 70 with my 1st druid. –> full resto?

    or –> resto/balance?

    please help me out..remember i want to be exclusively a healer 🙂


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