Unofficial, Non-Comprehensive Healing Dictionary

add: This is short for ‘ADDitional monsters needed’ and is used when the monster you are fighting is an easy kill and the priest feels the team can handle more. When you hear this, run into adjoining rooms and pull more mobs into the fight.

afk: This common term stands for “Attack, Fight, Kill” and is the priest’s way of telling you to go pull mobs.

brb: An acronym, this is short for “Boss Room Battle,” and is a priest’s way of telling the team it’s time to fight the cave or instance boss. Note that you will also sometimes see “afk brb,” meaning the same thing.

combat log: A device designed by Blizzard to explain where things went wrong.
“You take 8546 damage from <mob>”
“Priest didn’t feel like healing you”
“You die.”

HELP: This stands for “Hit Everything! Leet Priest! This will often be shouted as the priest does a victory dance around the group, leading monsters around. He’s just taunting them – don’t feel the need to attack them. Just go get some more to add to the fun!

lightwell: A priest-only version of a ready check. If a priest lays down a lightwell, please click it until it goes away so that we know that you’re ready to pull.

LOS: ‘Leave our spot’ The position you have picked, hiding in a corner, behind a pillar, or in a pit, generally away from the group, has given you an excellent location to shoot at the bad guys. The fact I can’t see you means that your hiding will protect you from adds(which aren’t a problem, see above), ranged damage, or any other problems you might run into. Please, stay right where you are, I am sure you will be fine.

omg watch the CC: Your healer is bored and wants you to keep an eye out for, and then break, any and all crowd-control in sight. Sheeps, shackles, seduces, traps, all of these are just slowing your group down anyways.

out of mana: If your priest says this after a fight, make sure to count to 3-Mississippi before you run three rooms down and start another major fight. This will allow the priest more than enough time to recover her mana.

oom: Some people believe this to be an abbreviation for “out of mana.” They are mistaken. What this really means is “Out of Mobs” and that more should be pulled into the fight as soon as possible as to limit the downtime and not waste the priest’s time. Alternately, you may often hear dyslexic Taurens shouting this as a battle cry – “Oom!”

puller: The team’s puller has the important job of “pulling” the team into fights. Usually this is accomplished by having someone with a gun with and cloth armor shoot a social mob for 1/20th of its health or by having a similarly Health gimped teammate run into a room and fire off at least three special attacks, thereby pulling the rest of the team into the room to save him. Note that the puller does not have to be the same person every time and it is often best if different people pull as to keep the priest guessing who will drop to 1/3 their life and make her try to figure out what room they are in.

rez sick: When priest say they are rez sick, it means they are sick of dying and resurrecting and they want to go straight to the room in the instance that killed them the first time and start fighting.

SS please – This may sound like the healer is asking for a soul stone, but they aren’t. They are saying “screenshot” please. Cloth healers usually have a good laugh looking at their 100% durability before the first pull. It makes it easier to compare to when the instance is finished.

tank: This is the person whose job it is to pull mobs to the priest.

wait: “wait” is a bit tricky. While it sounds like the word “wait,” as in ‘stop,’ what the healer is really saying is a shortened version of “WAste IT all.” meaning destroy everything in the area. Priests will use this if they want you to start charging the instance.

WTF!?!: This means “Way To Fight” and is used to complement you on your brilliant tactical choices.

Parts of this were adapted and compiled from the WoW Priest Forums.


~ by Robert Stewart on December 6, 2007.

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