Druids in 2V2

Work has kept Nigiri out of raiding more than I would like lately.  The early 5am starts make it very difficult to to raid at night, but that vacation in early 2008 to Hawaii isn’t going to pay for itself.  Work will slow down and raiding will pick up soon, hopefully my guild doesn’t move past my gear level too much.  I do join in when I can, just not the full schedule.

 Seems that weekends tend to be my time to play.  With nothing to PUG and dailies being too much of a grind for me, Nigiri rests waiting for SSC or Gruul or Mag once or twice a week.  Time to pick Cedre back up. 

 The goal:  Druid/Warlock 2v2 Arena.  I have a first class healer Priest so I don’t relish the idea of a resto druid,  but I’ve always wanted to give arenas a go.  With some practice, the SL/SL Warlock and Resto Druid combo could work really well.   Cedre is level 62 and moving up.

 Leveling resto would be too much of a pain, so that leaves little time to get used to it.  I know I will be a little frustrated at first.  So far, Cedre has been leveling with an Enhancement Shammy as a feral druid, but Sunomono will soon be helping out.  I’ve already switched back to balance (Suno will need healing a lot more than the Shammy did) and will try to collect some resto gear as I approach 70.  Maybe around 67-68 I’ll go resto to get used to the heals.


~ by Robert Stewart on December 5, 2007.

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