“Alert! You are marked for Extermination!”

When the Blood Elves moved in, all of Tempest Keep went to h. e. double hockey sticks.  It’s easy to see how a large group of level 72+ elite Blood Elves with unlimited bombs and no casting time cooldowns (along with their pets and golem-type creations) managed to wrest control of the majority of the Dimensional Ship away from the previous Draeni occupants.  I would have chosen an emergency crash landing in an escape pod too if I had been there.

In the latter half of October while coming off the high of defeating Gruul the Dragonkiller and High King Maulgar, Nigiri ventured into The Eye with twenty-four other members of Solid Gold; sights set on Void Reaver.   We hoped to flatten the learning curve slightly by reading about all the pulls leading up to and including him.  Trash was fun.  Void Reaver, while not too difficult as long as your raid members stay alive, was nice and dynamic.  Loots were had by some; a feeling of accomplishment was had by all.

 Last night we went at him again.  I thought Nigiri was getting good at strafeing (sp?) left and right to avoid the damn orbs, but last week she only got hit by 2 and this week she got hit by 10.  Yes, that was ten.  I admit I must have been a slacker, but only once did she get sandwiched between orbs contrbuting her part to a unsuccessful attempt.  Healing while running around is getting easier with each try and after only 4 tries, Void Reaver once again sleeps beneath a school of Firefin Snapper.  When the world resets the way only a fantasy one can, we’ll get him first try.


~ by Robert Stewart on November 6, 2007.

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