The Many Flavours in WoW

From the weird phrases listed on item tooltips to the comments a boss has while killing or being killed, World of Warcraft certainly has flavour.

“The Brotherhood shall prevail!” yells Edwin VanCleef from his ship in the Deadmines as he’s down to less than a quarter of his health.  They might indeed prevail Mr. VanCleef, but it won’t be with you; in the words of the very preachy Maiden of Virtue, “Death comes. Will your conscience be clear?”.  I guess the reward for my head Rhahk’Zor was looking for earlier in the instance wouldn’t have been paid anyway – “VanCleef [won’t] pay big for [our] heads!”.

In the time it takes to do a level appropriate run in all four wings of the Scarlet Monestary, I truly start to believe that the rest of my party “carry the taint of the scourge” … and heaven forbid any of us are declared “Unworthy” by Scarlet Commander Mograine.

Dory’s Embrace is “approximately priceless” according to it’s flavour text since it’s price is exactly 60 Badge of Justice.

All of us would “Keep off” your Blue Suede Shoes if you got lucky in Mount Hyjal, but doesn’t it seem odd that The 1 Ring is “not quite as good as the 2 Ring”?  It does to me.

Karazhan is no different.  During the Big Bad Wolf event, Little Red Riding Hood asks her Grandmother “What phat lewts you have grandmother”?  As Grandmother turns into Big Bad Wolf she yells “All the better to own you with!”.  I think it would have been a great play, if they didn’t try to kill us.

Even if Nigiri didn’t have dailies to do in the Blades Edge Mountains, she would hang out in the Sha’tari Skyguard area.  Nothing strokes her ego like the constant praise heaped on her by the various Skyguard members there.  “I hear that Nigiri has never been shot down.” Although she has been “shot down”, it’s nice to hear it.  Being exalted gives more than just physical rewards.

“We don’t go do stupid things when somebody yells ‘For the Horde!!’.” says Warchief Thrall.  I beg to differ.

Note:  Shared Topic on Blog Azeroth by Runforge Gossip.


~ by Robert Stewart on November 4, 2007.

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