Nigiri learns a lesson and pimps her ride.

The Sha’tari Skyguard daily quests are a bit mind numbing after you have been doing them for a while.  Exalted reputation is a long road for any group (except the Violet Eye when you have a great guild like Solid Gold).  Nigiri’s drive for exalted with the Skyguard was one of those long trips with screaming children fighting in the back seat.  Looking back, there are a few reasons for this.  Nigiri didn’t do the big reputation reward parts of the non-repeateable quest chain in Skettis – ie:  Adversarial Blood (4 times) and Terokk’s Downfall.  That’s only a small part of the the picture. 

I have always been under the impression that Holy (healing) spec’d priests suck for grinding – as I discovered, to Nigiri’s detriment.  Prior to moving over to Skywall, Nigiri would respec back to shadow once or twice a week for a few days at a time to get some gold together for Alchemy and to gather what reputation she could.  Having cleared Karazhan as a shadow priest a few times on her previous server (when the guild didn’t need another full time healer in attendance) gave Nigiri the opportunity to gather a few peices damage gear – nothing amazing, but more than respectable. 

Nigiri did Fires over Skettis and Bombing Run as often as possible since they didn’t require much in the way of dps.  Wrangle Some Aether Rays would get done semi-regularly, but it took forever to get the ray down low enough with little +damage.  I would have to go through 2 to 3 castings of Power Word:  Shield in order to get each ray down.  Escape from Skettis, however, only got completed if she had help.  Grinding mobs for reputation and shadow dust (World of Shadows – which is repeatable for 75 rep per turn in) was out of the question, except of course when Shadow Dust was cheap on the Auction House.

As Solid Gold continues to clear Karazhan week after week, caster gear goes to Nigiri more and more often.  It’s not out of the question for a priest healer to get damage gear rather than it be disenchanted.  As her collection of damage gear grew, I recently came to a very sudden realization:  Rather than respec shadow, why doesn’t she just equip her damage gear and become a slightly gimped smite priest with a holy spec?  Sure, simple to you, but it was quite the epiphany for me.  Damn those preconceived notions.  Please keep most of the “Nigiri is special” comments to yourself.

Needless to say, the last few thousand rep with the Skyguard went a little more quickly.  I’m not sure exactly how she holds on to her new Red Riding Nether Ray while flying from place to place, but she hasn’t fallen off yet.  When at ground level, none of the Nether Ray touches the ground.  I half expect Nigiri to fall when she dismounts feeling that she isn’t close enough to the ground.  She doesn’t.  I have to get used to it.


~ by Robert Stewart on October 6, 2007.

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