Brewfest feeds my Non-Combat Pet needs.

Brewfest is upon the world of Azeroth. I am not a fan of grinding quests and items for ‘beer tickets’ – using the same type of ticket system as the Darkmoon Faire.  However, there is one quest reward that was a must – Wolpertinger’s Tankard.

Wolpertinger’s TankardWolpertinger’s Tankard  In real life, Wolpertingers are mythical animals from the forests of Bavaria in Germany. They typically have the body of a rabbit with an owl’s wings, small antlers like those of a stag and fangs like a wolf’s. Apparently, a Wolpertinger is the German equivalent of a North American  pink elephant and in WoW it’s the same.  The slant on this pet is that it is invisible to everyone who is not drunk (in game) except for the owner and anyone partied with the owner.  I’m sure the rogues and feral druids who feel the need to have a pet out in Battlegrounds everywhere are cheering.

 Let me interject here by admitting I have a problem.  I am adicted to Non-Combat Pets.  While I won’t spend stupid amounts of gold to grow my collection, I do have 21 of them so far.  In fact, I bought the Collectors Edition of The Burning Crusade just to get a Netherwhelp’s Collar and would have attended Blizzcon if I could have to get the Murky pet.

A Jubling’s Tiny HomeA Jubling’s Tiny Home can be obtained through the Spawn of Jubjub quest available only at the Darkmoon Faire.  It involves going into Blackrock Depths to the bar and buying some Dark Iron Ale.  Interesting that more than one pet needs your toon to buy alcohol.

I have some very common pets:  Cornish Rex, Siamese Cat and White Moth Egg and I have some opposite faction pets:  Crimson Snake and Cockroach

Captured FireflyI was surprised when doing some research for this post that my Captured Firefly is so rare, but it was far too amazingly designed to sell.

I certainly have my favourites and they tend to be quest rewards – Miniwing, Worg Carrier and Smolderweb Carrier (which is one of the largest non-combat pets I have seen so far).  On the subject of quest reward pets, I look forward to Children’s Week every year.  There are two separate chains (one in Shattrath and one in Stormwind – at their respective orphanages) there that each give different pet reward choices.  So far I have three of them:  Piglet’s Collar, Turtle Box and Sleepy Willy.

Sleepy Willy Post Burning Crusade pets like Sleepy Willy have great animations.  If he sits idle for any amount of time, he is true to his name and falls asleep.  Best of all, however, is when he kills nearby critters with his eye beam.

chickenegg.gifBlizzard also has a great sense of humor when it comes to pets.  There is an Easter Egg type pet quest available in Azeroth.  All I will say is that it involves neutral chickens, using an in game emote and buying an item only available in Westfall.  You will be rewarded with a pet chicken (a little bit of research will turn up the quest, but I can’t bring myself to post an actual link to it).

Banana CharmFar and away the star of my collection is the Banana Charm which is always in my bag.  I picked it up from the TCG:  Through the Dark Portal set.  Incidentally, Bananas seems to be my 18 month old daughter’s favourite also as I scroll through my pets for her in game.

 I wish Blizzard would implement the ability to name our pets that don’t come prenamed.  The functionality is there for Hunter pets, so why not non-combat pets?

The next pet on my must get list is the Sinister Squashling.  It is a rare drop from Headless Horseman who is a new level 70 five man mob found in the graveyard wing of Scarlet Monastery during the Hallow’s End seasonal event implemented for the first time this year.  The Squashling is basically a Bloodpetal Lasher with a Jack-O-Lantern head.  Once again Blizzard keeps the dream alive.


~ by Robert Stewart on October 5, 2007.

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  1. Actually, another suggestion I would like to see for non-combat pets would be a pet carrier bag or a kennel or something along the lines of the tradeskill bags. Make them craftable by tailors and let me buy a container to house more than 16 or 18 pets in a bank slot.

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