Introducing Cedre

I love having end-game characters, but I dislike taking the time to level through content I have already seen several times.  The grind to level 70 is such a long one each and every time.  Blizzard has stated they will incorporate increased experience gain from levels 1 – 60 for alts of people with max level characters in the future, but until then I feel hard pressed to level again.  There is one exception.

I have this wonderful level 44 Druid that I didn’t transfer to Skywall at the same time as Nigiri named Cedre.  I really like playing both feral and balance (I wouldn’t want to make another healer as it would make Nigiri very jealous) but as I pointed out, I don’t really want to level him. (Ironically though, I really want him to get to level 70.)  He was just stagnating on my old realm so I decided to get him up and running on Skywall.

Last night I got him well into level 45 in Feralas and Searing Gorge and boosted his skinning (which I had pretty much stopped working on previously) from 172 to 215 in Thousand Needles.  I know the beasts around the race track are only level 31-35, but Cedre was pulling between 4 and 6 of them, dotting them and then finishing them off with moonfire spam with little problem followed by a quick drink.  Rince, repeat.  Remember that I am used to playing a holy spec’d priest.  Taking down one mob is a test of Nigiri  patience and requires a nice long drink before pulling the next.

I think power leveling is going to become Cedre’s friend for a few levels.  Bolognese, while a tasty sauce to be sure, is a very helpful level 70 Shaman who is willing to help the cause.  Zul’Farak is on the menu in the next few days with a side of Searing Gorge quests.  That zone has a few painful upper end group quests that are best done with a high level friend anyway.

Currently Cedre is spec’d balance.  I don’t have any upper level caster-types, so this suits me just fine for now, but I am very enamored with the idea of having a druid tank in my toon arsenal.  When he has gathered a nice tanking and dps set by around level 60ish I think I’ll switch over to feral and get some practice in for 10 levels or so in the art of tanking.  In a few weeks I’m sure I’ll look back on this post and laugh at my naïveté so any advice is welcomed.

In the words of Alamo:

1) Them 1s is look all funny liek maybe form MOON! LOL!
2) mostly uh moonkin is 4 a spam moonfare
3) them haf sum good armors & fite storng.

~ by Robert Stewart on September 17, 2007.

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