The Spectral Tiger Quandry…

My daughter would rather nap in a moving car than be put down in her own crib.  Since I don’t mind aimlessly driving around, this arrangement works well most of the time.  Druing an excessively long nap, however, I easily drive my route (including a stop at Starbucks of course) and need something else to do before going home.  This is where the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game often comes in handy for me.  Three times I have seen the writing on the wall prior to her falling asleep.  It tells me “Your daughter is going to sleep for more time than you want to drive around, be prepared to park the car and listen to your radio for a while.”  On these occasions I buy a box of Wacraft Trading Cards to open while sitting in the parking lot of the local spray park near my home with a snoozing toddler in the back seat.  I play the game recreationally with friends, but nothing really serious.  The excitement of finding a legendary card or a loot card is often more than I can resist.

I have had some great luck with rare cards overall.  The first box I opened from the orignal set yielded the exact card I hoped for:  Saltwater Snapjaw – a turtle mount.  It runs as fast as my character’s unmounted run speed, but I still use the turtle for ‘around the town’.

I have an unhealthy addiction to non-combat pets and have quite the collection – though it will never be complete without Murky.  In the box I opened for the first expansion (Through the Dark Portal), Bananas the monkey pet dropped – King Mukla.  Bananas has become quite the raider too.

Now for the problem outlined in the title of this post … the Spectral Tiger.  A few days ago, while my daughter slumbered in her car seat, I opened the 3rd to last pack of cards in the Fires of Outland box I picked up earlier that day.  I remember thinking my luck had run out on loot cards just as I uncovered the Spectral Tiger loot card.  Holy crap!  Immediately I phoned Sunomono:

“Nice.  Are you going to turn it in?”
“Of course.  But I’ll check on ebay just to see what it’s going for.”
“I have only seen one on Skywall.”
“Ya, Nigiri will look awesome on it.”
“Can you check ebay for me?
“Sure … it’s going for over $600.”
“You going to sell it?”
“Good question.  Could get me a long way toward a new iMac.”

So, do I sell it or keep it?  On one hand I could really use the cash to, in the least, continue to pay for my card buying.  On the other hand I really like the idea of having a very rare in-game item that makes Nigiri seem that much more unique.  And on the last hand (yes, I know that’s three hands) I struggle with the ethical question of basically selling a string of numbers and letters leading to a virtual item for that much money.

Looking in the rearview mirror thoughts of loot fade way and turn to my daughter … wishing she would wake up so we could play in the park … all the while my sleeping princess never realizing how lucky her dad truly is.


~ by Robert Stewart on September 16, 2007.

One Response to “The Spectral Tiger Quandry…”

  1. I solved the quandry with a cheque for $500 deposited in my bank account. New digital camera here we come.

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