Sadness Becomes Victory

Another week, another go at Karazhan.

Healers, like most other classes, have their demons to overcome when grouping. Raids (and to some degree 5 mans) take their toll on a healer. Every time a wipe happens, the healer feels ever so slightly responsible. Nigiri has never actually been told that a particular wipe was her fault, but that is little consolation when running back to her body. Deep down inside, I know there are many reasons for a wipe: lack of dps, lack of gear, lack of experience, a bad healer and even just plain bad luck to name but a few. Parts of Karazhan this week hurt Nigiri deep down on the inside. Attumen, Moroes, the Maiden and the Curator all went down easy peasy. The pain started at Nightbane and carried on through the Prince. Three sad attempts at Nightbane and our raid leader realized it was time to move on. The third attempt on Shade squeaked out a kill and a nice set of +dmg boots for Nigiri. Three tries at Netherspite before getting our crap together enought to finish him. Various attempts and strategies on Prince (a boss we tend to down consitently) ended in utter failure – realizing one of them was actually my fault by being too close to the shadow nova when enfeebled. Time to call it a night and try again tomorrow. While feeling responsible for all wipes, a few lessons were reinforced in my mind:

  • All tanks are not created equal.
  • In many cases more steady DPS gets the job done.
  • The players contributing the most to continuous wiping usually get tired of it first.
  • A good raid leader knows when to call it (ours did).
  • When in doubt, get a druid.

Part way through night two, a few members had to leave, so we moved a feral druid from dps to tank status and gained two more mages. Holy cow what a difference! First try on Prince – down. First try on Illhoof – down. Frist try on Nightbane – down. Declining morale – UP!


~ by Robert Stewart on September 15, 2007.

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