Full Karazhan Clear

All I can say is wow (and I don’t mean WoW).  Five hours later, all of Karazhan bent to the will of Solid Gold’s raiding Group 2; we really should come up with a name for Group 2 that doesn’t sound quite so anticlimatic.  Back on topic: yes, I said 5 hours.  It’s been a very long time since I have sat in front of my computer playing WoW for 5 hours in a row.  Not since my ‘hardcore’ raiding days doing Blackwing Lair or Molten Core in a single run have I alowed my legs to stick to my computer chair for that long.  My job in real life has me working 2 days and then 2 nights with 6 days off before going back in.  The 24 hours between the end of my 2nd day and the start of my 1st night is called the split.  On my split I like to stay up late so I can get through the two 12 hour night shifts to come.  Why am I bothering to explain this?  Well, smartypants, it’s to explain why, on this rare occasion, staying up that late playing WoW is sort-of acceptable.  I am not a fan of playing for more than 3 hours in one shot but since I had to try to acclimatize for my upcoming night shifts why not stick around for the entire raid?

We rolled through Attumen the Huntsman, Moroes, the Maiden of Virtue, the Opera Event (The Big Bad Wolf) and The Curator with very little trouble.  Nigiri upgraded a trinket and her gloves, bracers and shoulders in what seemed like the blink of an eye.  Being the only healer in cloth on a raid is a great thing.  It was time to move on to Nightbane.

I dislike the Nightbane fight a lot.  It’s not the dragon’s fault, it’s Medhiv’s for setting him on fire from the inside causing him to be cursed actually, but I can’t really take my complaints to him – yet.  Healing the tank is not a hard thing.  The pally spams flash of light and Nigiri spams Prayer of Mending while hitting an appropriate ranked flash or greater heal to keep the tank topped off.  Occaionally she throws the odd AoE Prayer of Healing out there for the party.  The two phases are easily managable for a healer especially while spamming binding heal on the tank thus healing him as well as Nigiri.  The problem for Nigiri was the Charred Earth.  The graphic is a bit too sublte for me to see while staring at the health bar of the tank and vairious other members of the raid.  I suppose I need to turn up the audible alerts option in Deadly Boss Mods or something, but usually I moved Nigiri out of the way only when the raid leader annouced it.  By the third attempt, we killed him pretty cleanly.

Next we moved on to the Shade of Aran.  Usually Nigiri runs around like a chicken with her head cut off when trying to avoid the Blizzard.  Chills always runs down my spine when I hear him say “Back to the cold dark with you.”  I’m sure it has to do with my video card or my lag, but I have a hard time finding the leading edge of the affected area.  Solid Gold, however, raid marks one of the ranged dps who stays on the outside edge of the effect.  The rest of the ranged members simply run to him and keep in front of the blizzard.  Easy?  Well, it is until he lands a few crits and the two PUG members we have picked up are not too experienced with the fight.  By the time the dust settled, Nigiri had time to cast a SW: Pain hoping to take a bite out of Aran’s last 1% of health before dying along with a druid – leaving a mage to finish him off alone.  With 200 health left, our mage dealt the death blow.  Only one very ugly attempt and we all ran back to check what he left behind for us to use while the mage waited patiently.

I am always amazed at how swiftly Terestian Illhoof is dispatched on our raids.  No deaths, a few useful items and a temporary boost to our collective self esteem.

Netherspite was a carbon copy of shade.  One character standing at the end of a long and drawn out battle, but the boss downed on the first attempt.

The Chess Event was the standard free epic encounter that it has become, but a nice break for raid members.

Prince Malchezaar is all about the luck of his Infernal drops.  Late in the first attempt, we had a very unlucky drop that wiped most of the ranged dps which caused us to run back and try again.  Pretty trivial kill on the second attempt with one exception.  Remember in a previous post I had mentioned Nigiri’s exalted status with the Sha’tar that made it possible to purchase the Sha’tar healing mace that she paid a pretty penny to buy and enchant with the +81 healing enchant?  (In point of fact, Sunomono  had most of the mats in the bank except for the primals needed.)  Well, you guessed it, Light’s Justice dropped off the Prince.  The other healer in the group already had one, so it went to Nigiri.  It has more base plus healing than the Sha’tar version with the enchant. 

I was very proud of Nigiri overall.  She healed up a storm with only her and a palladin managing the heals on the group.  Usually in that situation, the paladin out heals the frumpy little dwarf by up to 100% (when she dies a lot).  Not last night though.  Nigiri made it to about 80% of the pally’s overall healing.  The sad thing to note, however, is that the pally had +1200 healing in gear and such and Nigiri is ove +1700 healing fully buffed.  And don’t get me wrong, Nigiri has a lot to work on; 17 mana pots (buffed 10k mana should be enough?) and 17g in repair bills tells a lot.  But still, I am very happy with how she is shaping up. 

Karazhan cleared in one night and a one week reset timer.  Looks like I have a lot of time to run dailies and gather mats to enchant all her new equipment.


~ by Robert Stewart on September 8, 2007.

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