Solid Gold, Karazhan and Sunomono

Before choosing Skywall as Nigiri and Sunomono’s new home, I did a lot of research into raid progression, raid times, realm timezones, guilds, and forum trolls for a lot of realms. Sunomono and I had taken our characters into Karazhan for a partial clear a few times in our last home, but in the aftermath of that Fateful Day, it was unlikely to happen there again.

We looked for a realm with a small, friendly guild whose members lived on Pacific Standard Time (or further west), raided later in the evening and could push Nigiri and Sunomono further in endgame play than either of them had previously been. We found it. The guild is Solid Gold. Their players live in Hawaii for the most part and have the ability to clear Karazhan with two separate guild groups.  Solid Gold is looking to start 25 man raids as soon as possible – just what we are looking for.

Nigiri and Sunomono both applied and were accepted as recruits on a two week trial (though Sunomono was away for the first few days managing a real life situation). With only approximately 30 members, Solid Gold has a very quiet guild chat with some very experienced players. Nigiri joined Group 2 to complete Karazhan starting with Shade or Aran. The run went very well. Some wipes, some bad luck and some very well detailed instructions led to the deaths of Shade, Terestian Illhoof, Prince Malchezaar, and Netherspite not to mention the fastest Chess Event I have been a part of. This all makes me sound a bit noobish, but after seeing many outlandish claims from various guilds across dozens of servers, it was refreshing to be a part of a guild that could actually do what they said they could.

With Sunomono back, this coming week should bring new sights and challenges for her and Nigiri.


~ by Robert Stewart on September 5, 2007.

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