Nigiri’s Introduction to Skywall

No one on Nigiri‘s friend’s list; a greyed out guild tab; first week in a new world.

The biggest problem of transferring to a new server is the lack of people you can call upon to group with. Think back to when you moved from middle school to high school. Remember what it was like to see surroundings that seemed familiar, but were slightly different. You didn’t know anyone except for a few faces in the crowd. Wecome to Nigiri’s new world. Needless to say, last week was a little lonley for Nigiri but she is starting to settle in.

My first mission for her was to finish off the last 5k rep with the Sha’tar to get the exalted healing mace. That meant some pick-up group Tempest Keep runs. While I despise PUGs as much as the next person, Nigiri had no other options.

1) First run: The Botanica

Nigiri gets a lot of random tells asking to run instances. The first tell inevitably asks if she is shadow or holy. (While priests have three trees to choose talent points from, other players lump the two non shadow trees into one spec – holy. If you answer a player with “Acutally I’m discipline spec’d” the question that always follows has something to do with whether she can heal <fill in instance name here> or not. In her past life, Nigiri spec’d discipline, and although it made PvP easier, I felt she got behind while healing heroics a little too fast for my liking.)

Anyway, the conversation went like this:

“Are you holy or shadow?”
“Can you heal Botanica? We are at the second boss.”
“Sure. What happened to your group?”
“Our healer had to log off for some ‘family’ reasons.”
Hesitantly “Ok, invite.”

On the surface the grouped seemed more than capable – tank, healer, ranged dps x 2 and melee dps. The problem with this group was one more of experience than group makeup. I don’t know how long they had tried to do Commander Sarannis, but we had only minor trouble with the trash leading to the next boss. This is the part where the lack of experience showed. Killing High Botanist Freywinn uses a fairly straight forward strategy but it’s a strategy that can only handle deviation in a well geared group. Before I carry on, there is something that needs to be understood. It’s worth stating here that everyone who has ever done The Botanica did it once for the very first time. We were all there at one point. This group didn’t stick to the strategy – the first attempt, the second attempt, the third attempt and even the fourth attempt. At this point, the tank mysteriously dc’d and never came back. 400 rep down, 4000 to go.

2) Second run: Heroic Mechanar

“Are you holy or shadow?”
“Can you heal Heroic Mechanar?”
“You have a full group?”
“Just looking for a mage.”
“Sure. Just doing some dalies, invite when you get the mage.”
You have been invited to join a [full] group by <pug warrior>.

This group kept me on my toes. The mage and the warlock were very threat hungry but burned down mobs . We used the pillar to block los so the sawblades don’t hit the healer during the Gatewatcher Gyro-Kill fight with great success and we ran to the elevator between each wave of mobs before Pathaleon the Calculator to alow time to reset and regen. Don’t get me wrong, there were some wipes, but overall it was a very nice run. 2400 rep down, 1600 to go.

3) Third run: Heroic Mechanar

“Are you a healer or dps?”
“I could be dps if needed though.”
“Sure. Give me a minute to respec and gather my shadow gear.”
“Ok. Thanks.”

Nigiri has done several instances including Karazhan as a spriest, but no heroics. I was looking forward to it. They wanted a spriest for dps and ‘crowd control’?? My mind control only broke early everytime I used it.

The group had an odd make-up: tank (warrior), healer (druid), ranged dps (hunter, spriest) and melee (rogue). The hunter was amazing. He trapped, trapped and then trapped some more. The druid did a very good job out healing my VE by a ratio of about 1:3 and kept the tank up well.

Exalted with the Sha’tar!

Gavel of Pure Light … and with a +81 healing enchant it’s even better.


~ by Robert Stewart on September 3, 2007.

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